All Practice Counts

March 2017 is going down in history as one of the hardest practice months for this girl. I’m wracking my brain. Stiff. Unmotivated. ZERO concentration.  
Mary asked, “dips?”
Sure. Just so you can see how stiff I am.  
If I were to also describe my mood this past month in all honestly I would say the sammeeee thing. I even found myself shopping in the Amazon “New and Interesting Finds” section titled “MEH.” I considered purchasing prime a graphic-t featuring “Meh” but then I realized I needed to take a harder look at what was really going on.
Is it the flip-flops to boots in a day weather changes? The new puppy potty breaks at 2am? My Lady Holiday sugar cravings that spilled over well past the holiday? These could ALL be reasons why. So I’m taking a step back. My practice this month is a wake up call that changes are happening and it’s OKAY! No one is going to care if I didn’t get my full practice in. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen. I need this reminder or else I will force myself to go through the whole thing. As if it’s not an honest practice if I only did a little. And GUESS WHAT? Those days are so crappy. Those are the days I tweak my knee or lay on my mat in despair looking at the high high high ceilings WHYYY MEEE!  
I find myself fighting the common battle with myself:

Patient Practioner: “Oh did I miss something? Today is yesterday?"

Eager EGO: “This was starting to come so easily and feel SO GOOD.”

Patient Practioner: "Did you honestly think that once you do something once or even regularly that it’s going to remain THE SAME?!” Has this been true in any other aspect of your life? Shit changes, Mary-Margaret."
So it could all be entirely out of my control! Either way, it’s time to hit the reboot button. I’m doing a spring detox cleanse (Derek too mwhaha) to redirect my digestive system, sleeping patterns and over all habits toward the new season.  Pay attention to my daily decisions and mood swings. I’ve been here before of course. It’s just easier for me to recollect the good feelings and practices. The effortless speed or the floaty mcfloatness. Nope, not this month. I could easily stop practicing. But now is the time for Tapas (HEY BOOK CLUB YOGIS YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS!) to invest my energy (however much is there into my practice.) Short. Long. More sirsansana. Less backbends? It all counts.
Enjoying practice for me means not feeling anxious about the amount of time or postures. This is my motive for April. April showers bring May flowers, April detox brings May tick-tocks? Perhaps. Perhaps NOT. Meh.