Same Message, Different Avenues

I listen to roughly one podcast a day while walking Gypsy in my neighborhood. Usually NPR related because they offer such a wide variety and I have come to trust them. How I Built This, TED Radio Hour and now Hidden Brain are alongside yoga and spirituality based ones like Chitheads, The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast, and Asana Kitchen Podcast.

Lately, it seems that so many episodes are devoted to self-awareness and improvement, sustainable relationships and God/the Universe. We are in an era where we can dissect the reasons WHY we make certain choices, WHO inspires our decisions and WHY our actions matter.

This is not unlike the Yoga Sutras, the manual for stopping thought and being united in a blissful union with all that is True.  

This practice allows us to wrestle with these questions. We establish a language we can understand: arms, legs and the buttocks so that we can communicate. Developing control to recruit or relax them. We can discuss based on our own experiences, emotions that flare up, or eyes that wander because although we are all uniquely shaped, we share many of the same fears and desires.

I personally want to surround myself with people who elevate me. Folks who support me but also challenge the reasons why I am doing things.  Is it because I believe in Karma? Will my intentions in my thought processes determine the outcome of my choice? Do I believe that we are all interconnected, the same divine essence? In David Garrigues Yoga Sutras course suggests (I’m paraphrasing) that getting to know these thoughts and our bodies allows the seer, (the true self) something to experience. The idea that our “material,” our body and mind, can produce our dharma or purpose.

image1 (5).jpeg

This can be a lonely endeavor, which is why our community is so important. Even though we are independently moving, we are all looking to be better in some way. To observe ourselves and use that experience to build empathy for others. To see whether or not our thought patterns in physical practice can train our mind to see results from our choices. Also to wonder why we have gratitude? Is it to God/Universe? Are your actions rewarded in some way?

I see all of these questions in these podcasts and think how grateful I am for having a system that offers insight into HOW I can begin to know myself and train myself to make better informed decisions. By starting with a physical practice surrounded by others that both challenges and inspires us we can spend time reflecting on the results of these choices. Dedicating time to listen for my purpose and reflecting how I can live it fully.