Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Standing silently at the front of the room reminds me of my role. Not to fix but to simply function as a mirror.

Say what you need to say out loud. Tense your jaw, shake your head, squint your eyes, even lose your drishti. But I hope you also exhale deeply, spread your eyebrows & laugh. These reactions reflect who you think you are. What you say to me, you really are saying to yourself.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

Is this good enough?

You have God/truth/the whole universe inside of you. How could you not be enough? This bind does not represent whom you are inside. It can’t be measured with a clasp of the hands.

I can’t do this.

What is THIS exactly? What is your image of perfection? Are you imposing a certain end point on your body?

I’m too tired.

Let’s shift then. Sleep more? What are you eating? What patterns are making you less vibrant? Is it a pattern you can change? If no, then let go.

Is this right?

Are you moving with intention and breath? Everything else will fall into place. Breathe and just go.


What are you receiving from practice? Feel stuck, motivated, joyful or bored? You know through consistency that these feelings change. Respect that and monitor your ability to evolve as a person.

Reflecting back on what you’ve said out loud or in your head, breathe compassion and remind yourself of the perfect unchanging piece inside of you. Surrender everything else to change. The real you will remain the same.